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Bekhudi Hai Kahan

Bekhudi hai kahan

पिल्ला प्यार के तालाब में दरिया की गहराई है कहाँ
नये परिंदों की उड़ान में फलक की ऊँचाई है कहाँ

थके हुए राही को देख के, बेरहमी से तू हंस ना दे
तेरी तय की दूरी में अभी उत्नि लम्बाई है कहाँ

नये प्यार की असर दिल को होने में लगता है वक़्त
ऊम्र चढे जो मीना (wine) में, ऐसी मेंकैसी (intoxication) है कहाँ

रोये क्यूँ हर जुदाई पे, होंसला रख ले तू
बिछड़ने के बीच तन्हाई तेरी परछाई है कहाँ

तजुर्बा कहाँ है हमसफ़र के दे सिले तू प्यार के
मेरे होश का ‘सराब’ (‘Mirage’) ज़माने से, वैसी बेख़ुदी (ecstasy) है कहाँ

Aashish Vaidya “saraab” shared on December 30, 2012
(PS: if anyone can suggest a better phrase than pilla pyar (puppy love), let me know.)

Loose Translation:
In the lake of puppy love, where’s the depth of the ocean?
In the young birds’ flight, where’s the height of the sky?

Don’t mock the tired traveler
In your chosen destination, you haven’t traveled the distance.

It takes time for new love to work on the heart
As wine ages with time, where’s is that kind of potency?

Don’t cry at every separation, be strong
In between separations, loneliness is not your shadow

Where’s the experience, my fellow traveler, that you give discourses on love?
My awareness is a ‘Mirage’ since ages, where’s that kind of ecstasy?

In English script:
pilla pyaar ke talaab mein dariya ki gaharayee hai kahan
naye parindhon ki udaan mein falak ki unchayee hai kahan

thakey hua raahi ko dekhe ke, berehami se tu na hasN de
teri tay.e kiy doori me abhi utni lambayee hai kahan

naye pyaar ki asar dil ko hone mei lagta hai waqt
umr che.deh jo meena mei, aisi mehkaisee hai kahan

roye kyun har judaii pe, honsla rahk le tu
bichadna ke bich tanhayi teri parchayyee hai kahan

tajurba kahaN hai humsafar, ke de siley tum pyaar ke
hosh ka ‘saraab’ zamane se, waisi bekhudii hai kahan

(NOTES: Written on my birthday – As I reflect on my birthday today – between aches and pains and heartaches of loses but also on the happy times. One thing you certainly miss are the heady days of your youth, when you can do no wrong and you are invincible. The younger gang has even started “advising” the “old” guy on many matters. But, what you lose about your youth, you gain in experience and some might even say develop an inkling of “wisdom”. This poem is sort of a pre-emptive strike against the anticipated advise that will come from the young set to those of us who are not so young!)

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