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Road Signs

IMG_9149 - lower quality

It's slippery when wet on roadway
Steer wisely to negotiate on roadway

You must watch for falling rocks
And avoid steel plate on roadway

When destination is unknown, take a detour
Visit and stay at any hamlet on roadway

Life is one way exit only towards a single end
There's no escape, no other outlet on roadway

The naysayers may say, "no entry here"
Don't let hope abate and deflate on roadway

There may be blind corner ahead and "mirage" on the pathway
But continue to create, relate and elate on roadway.

Poem notes: The idea for this poem came while I was waiting in a construction zone and saw the sign steel plate on roadway. All the italicize words are actual road signs I encountered during my commute. Refer to this poets.org article if you want to read up on the poetry form ghazal.

(NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 4)



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