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Paper, a Valediction

Words and feelings blend on tear stained paper
Anguish and desires pour on bloodstained paper.

Now its the clic-clack of keyboard keys, before
My hands cramped writing on foolscap’ed paper.

Oh the satisfaction! in deleting emails in frustration
But nowhere as gratifying as tearing that scorned paper.

How I miss flipping those slick, glossy mags and rags
And receiving news in slo-mo from waned (news)paper

Your ‘mirage’ visage lingers briefly on FaceTime
But, warm embraces come anew from that aerogram’ed paper


Notes: Using the NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 6 prompt, my valediction is on paper in some its various forms. As a technologist, I look forward to new gadgets and new ways of doing things. But, you do feel some nostalgia towards things that are becoming outdated or obsolete. Day 6 process observation: even sticking with 5 couplets – 10 lines is getting time consuming. And the work continues to feel raw, unfinished, incomplete. For example, in this poem the rhyme isn’t necessarily perfect in each couplet. And the idea can potentially expanded thematically. Plus, I don’t have the time to either try finding from my own archives, or work on new photography to fit the theme of the poem. I suppose I can go find stock images, but, using my own images allows me to combine 2 of my interests.

I’m awed by some of the good writing that I see out there. Don’t know how other writers can be so eloquent under such tight, tight daily deadlines.



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