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Morning Commute


Rolling on Skyline Boulevard

turning on hair pin turns

branch and twig fractals still visible along with new growth,

now that cherry tree pinks and whites are gone

fresh, tender greens play against deeper evergreens

and magnolias lining the road
 enjoy their turn in the spotlight.

The creamy sweet, subtly citrusy flowers send out a wisp of fragrance

to the fast moving commuters.

Few half rights and half lefts.

Lines of houses clinging to the curves and stilted on steep slopes,

some with views of the city below

some with views of the mountains across.

The denizens are 
immersed in morning activity:

Waking children from their blissful dreams;

brushing, showering, having breakfast,

catching up on events half a world across as they slumbered overnight;

packing lunches,

giving send offs with 
pecks on cheeks and lips, versed in hurried affection.

Quarter right, half left, a full right turn.

The curvilinear path
 now bathed in thick haze,

the morning fog
 shrouds the sun.

Off in the distance, the mountain tops

still covered in white snow gleams in hues of red.

Below in the valley

glimpse of the city, the bridge glistens,

hinting at the
 rustle and bustle of traffic.

On the straightway, after few more turns,

surrounded on the sides

manicured lawns are punctuated by series of head stones.

As the long Departed witness the morning scene,

are they content enjoying the unfolding scene?

Or do they wish they were in the game themselves?


Notes: Ha, coincidences – they can be so convenient sometimes. NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 7 prompt of writing declarative lines and says,

“then, the final line should take the form of a question. With any luck, this will result in poems that have a sort of driving, reportorial tone, but with a powerful rhetorical finish”.

This poem, I started couple of days back and was tweaking, it wasn’t something I was thinking of posting.  I didn’t think  a straight-forward reportorial type work would be all that much interesting.  And I am not sure if the questions I posed at the end are really rhetorical. Either way, hope this works.



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