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Say Hello to My Ride

Rolling through flat terrain,
On concrete paths
Through city traffic
Taking in the sights:
Neighborhoods of row houses,
shops and restaurants and passers-by.

Riding through the rolling hills
on gravely roads
soaking in the views
of lush evergreens,
and tenderly greened, flowering deciduous trees,
red barns and tulip farms.

To those who had a hand in making
and shaping the new 2-wheeler ride,
to them I simply say:
Ohaiyou Gozaimasu, Konnichiwa,
Li Ho, Ni Hao,
Cześc, Hello and Thank you!

Notes: NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 17. Today’s prompt was to write poem to say Hello. Again, a piece of work should stand on its own. But this one requires a little bit of explanation. The bicycle referenced in the poem was originally made by Japanese company, which is now owned by an American company and it is manufactured in Taiwan, China and Poland. So, continuing the foreign langauge theme forward from yesterday, I added the words for hello in each of the languages that the bike is associated with.


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