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It Isn’t That Easy

Easy it may seem to forget you, it isn’t that easy
How hard I might try and say adieu, it isn’t that easy.

Forget our conversation at the new restaurant and
the sweet-nothings whispered reading the menu, it isn’t that easy.

Those signed books you gifted, should I be rid of those, and
tear up the card on which you wrote a haiku? It isn’t that easy.

Does my despair cleanse the stains of our hopes and
wash away the dreams we enqueue(d) – it isn’t that easy.

Was our time together a ‘mirage’, a farce and was nothing real
And now I am suppose to start over anew, it isn’t that easy.

Notes: NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 18. Today’s prompt was to start and end with the same word. I didn’t start off with a breakup poem (back to ghazal form) in mind, but somehow the words just kept going in that direction and I couldn’t direct it back to something more upbeat. I guess, sometimes, you have to let keyboard just do the typing.



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