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Color Me Orange

Fragrant orange peel, fresh citrusy, sweet and juicy slices
Bugs bunny takes on Yosemite Sam and all other comers,
with carrots on hand.
Yellow rind cantaloupe hides seedy orange flesh.
And pitted apricot which ushers in the summer with its
smooth, orange velvety texture.
The soft, sweet mango pulp is manna from heaven.
And the peaches shades of orange and yellow to sink your teeth into.
Carotene buddies with chlorophyll to turn sunlight into sweetness.

Black striped, orange Nemo searches his father
Or the pink, orange salmon swims upstream to spawn in open acidic water.

Warriors don saffron summoning up courage to meet
enemies external,
monks fight not external but the internal ones.
The Saffron Brigade appropriates and shades it with division and strife.

Orange colors the delicate arches,
life vests and lifeboats.
For Van Gogh the moon and stars are orange on a starry night.
The sun paints the sky vermillion
and vermillion marks foreheads, too.
Orange is vibrant.

Notes: NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 28. Prompt today was to pick a color and write a poem about it. I picked orange. But since is was rushed, I think it took on a straight, reportorial tone.


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