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phadphadaye honge

Bouquet captured in 2012 at Farmer's Market

Bouquet captured in 2012 at Farmer’s Market


यहां  आये तूफ़ान, वहां तितली ने पर फद्फदाये होंगे

बेख़ुदी छायी हम पे, एक हसीना ने पलकें  झपकाये होंगे

Yahan aaye toofan, wahan titli ne per phadphadye honge

Bekhudi chayyee hum pe, ek haseena ne palake jhapkaye honge

Here comes the hurricane, over there a butterfly has flapped its wings

I’m in a trance, a beauty must have fluttered her eyelids


कहते है खुशबुओं का नाता यादों से जुदा है

आज यादों ने ली उड़ान, फूल चमेली के कहीं महके होंगे

Kahte hai khusboo ka nataa yaadon se judaa hai

Aaj yaadon ne li udaan, phool chameli ke kahin mehake honge

It is said that sense of smell is associated with memory

Today memory has taken flight, somewhere a jasmine spreads its fragrance


तन्हाई की रात में, यह उम्मीद का दिया जला कैसे?

 चमन में आई बहार, तेरे घर के दरवाज़े आज खुले होंगे

Tanhai ki raat me yeh umeed ka diya jala kaise?

chamaan me aayi bahar, tere ghar ke darwaze aaj khule honge

In this night of loneliness, how did this hope lit up?

Spring has arrived in the garden, the doors of your house must be open


वक़्त के सैलाब में बह जाती है कितनी बातें, लेकिन आज

ताज़ा हुए अफ़साने, किताब के पन्ने किसी ने पलटे होंगे

Waqt ki sailaab mein beh jati kitni batein, lekin aaj

Taaza hue afasaney, kitaab ke panne kissi ne palte honge

Flood of time washes away many memories, but today

Those stories have freshen up, someone must be flipping the pages of the book


दिल-ए-नादां  धड़कता है राग़-ए-’सराब’ धुन पर

कोई  सुर मिलाता होगा, गीत होंटो से किसी ने गुनगुनाये होंगे

Dil-e-nadaan dhadakte hai raag-e-“saraab” dhun per

Dil sur milata hoga, geet honto se kissi ne gungunaye honge

Why does the innocent heart beat to a “mirage” raaga

The heart’s attuned to a song, that someone must be humming through her lips.

Word list: sailaab = flood

Notes: After taking a hiatus after the April Poetry Month,  getting back to posting some work.  I must admit, I haven’t written anything new off late.  Instead, I dusted off this older work in progress and made some minor edits.  The idea for this poem came to me in the form of the Butterfly Effect.  I remember studying Choas theory back in college where a some small set of  conditions causes huge differences in later state of a deterministic but nonlinear system.  Well, I suppose poets have been connecting seemingly unconnected events ones with other bigger events, all the time.


2 thoughts on “phadphadaye honge

  1. Excellent poem! Superb.

    Suggested tweaks
    2) ख़ुशबुओं का नाता
    3) चमन
    4) सैलाब में बह जाती हैं
    पन्ने किसी ने पलटे होंगे
    5) दिल-ए-नादाँ धड़कता है रंग-ए-सराब धुन पऱ़़़़़़़़
    कोई सुर मिलाता होगा

    • Thanks for reading and suggesting the corrections. If someone knows, I wanted to know whether farfaraye is a legit word for flutter. I understand that in Hindi, the word is phadphadaye. But on an online dictionary I show that farfaraye is used in Urdu. For a bird flapping its wings, phadphadaye seems right. But for butterfly, the softer farfaraye seems like a good choice.

      UPDATE: Looks like farfarye was just a transliteration issue that shows up around the web.

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