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Kya Kare (What To Do)

मधुशाला में होंशवाले क्या करे (१. १ )

अक्ल-वालो  के बिच दीवाने क्या करे (१. २)


छत, गाडी, फ़र्स सब कुछ साफ़ किये है  (२.१)

आज कबूतरों की जमाते क्या करे (२.२ )


कुरेदो मत वोह भूली बिसरी बातें (३.१)

साकी हैं, हाला है तो हसरते क्या करे (३.२)


उनकी हर हर्फ़ से चिंगारी निकलती है  (४.१)

अब प्यार से लिखे यह नग्मे क्या करे (४.२)


जब मंजिल ही कहीं तय न थी (५.१)

तो यह सारे नक्शे क्या करे (५.२)


जिंदगी आधी बिकी , आधी बची (६.१)

मगर जावान सी वो सरराते क्या करे (६.२)


क्यू ‘सराब’ नुमाइश करे अपने अशार की (७.१)

कोई सुननेवाला नहीं तो यह जलवे क्या करे (७.२)

In English script and with loose translation:


Madhusala mein hoshnwale kya kare (1.1)

Akle-walon ke bich deewane kya kare (1.2)


What are the sensible ones suppose to do in a bar?  (1.1)

How should the crazy ones behave amongst the intellectuals? (1.2)


Chhat, gaadi, fars sab kuch saaf kiye hai (2.1)

Aaj kabutaron ki jaamate kya kare (2.2)


The terrace, the car, the floor, they’re all clean (2.1)

today what are the communities of pigeons to do? (2.2)


Kuredo mat woh bhuli bisri batein (3.1)

Saaqi hain, haalaa hai tau hasarate kya kare (3.2)


Don’t rake the forgotten, foregone memories (3.1)

Here’s the barmaid, here’s the wine, desires now what to do? (3.2)


Unki har harf se chingari nikalti hai (4.1)

ab pyar se likhe yeh nagme kya kare (4.2)


Every letter of hers is spewing fire (4.1)

What are these songs written with love to do? (4.2)


Jab manzil hi kahin tey na thi (5.1)

Tau yeh saare nakshe kya kare (5.2)


When the destination hasn’t been decided  (5.1)

Then what are all these maps to do? (5.2)


Zindagi aadhi biki, aadhi bachi hai (6.1)

Magar jawaan si woh sararate kya kare (6.2)


Life is half spent, half left (6.1)

But what are those youthful mischiefs to do?  (6.2)


kyu ‘Saraab’ numaish kare apne ashaar ki (7.1)

koi sunewala hi nahi tau yeh jalwe kya kare (7.2)


Why this ‘Mirage’ exhibition of your couplets (7.1) 

When there is no audience, what are these writings to do? (7.2)


Notes: Rahat Indori is renowned Bollywood lyricist of the song Bhumro Bhumro from Mission Kashmir.  He is also an urdu professor and an eminent ghazal/nazm writer.  I really enjoy his work, his ghazals especially are colloquial, earthy, humorous, clever, contemporaneous .  But it is his recitation at various poetry slamfests that I find quite entertaining.  Here is one small snippet.  So this is an attempt to write in his style.


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