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kyathi? (From Where)

ક્યાંથી ?

From Where?


Notes: Last of the poems, I found rummaging through old paper. As others, this was written circa 1990. This one also appeared, back then, in Darpan, a newsletter of Gujarati Samaj of Houston.

નથી ગયો કદી સાગરકાંઠે છતાં,

હાથ માં આ ભીની રેત ક્યાંથી? (1)

નથી ગુલાબજળ ફૂલદાનીમાં છતાં,

હાથ મારા આ મેહેંકયા ક્યાંથી? (2)

નથી ડાળ પર કોયલ છતાં,

કાનમાં ગુંજે આ ટુહુકા ક્યાંથી? (3)

નથી આંખોમાં અંજાણ છતાં,

ગાલ પર આ કાળું પ્રવાહી ક્યાંથી? ? (4)

નથી પહેલાં એને દીઠી છતાં,

વાતમાં એની ફસાયો ક્યાંથી? (5)

ઇન્દ્રિયો એકબંદ ને બુદ્ધિ તીક્ષ્ણ છતાં,

બિંબ ને પ્રીતીબીંબ આ જાણયો ક્યાંથી? (6)

Hindi Translation

नहीं गया कभी में सागार किनारे फिरभी

हाथ में ये गीली रेत कैसे ? (1)

नहीं गुलाबजल फूलदानी में फिरभी

हाथ मेरे यु महके कैसे? (2)

नहीं डाल पे कोयल फिरभी

कान में ये तहुंके गूंजे कैसे? (3)

नहीं आँखों में काजल फिर भी

गाल पे ये काला प्रवाही कैसे? ?(4)

नहीं पहले देखा उसे फिरभी,

बात में उसकी फ़सा कैसे? (5)

इन्द्रियों अक्षत और बुद्धि तीक्ष्ण फिरभी

बिंब को प्रतिबिंब यु जाना कैसे? (6)

In English Script and Loose English Translation

nathi gayo kadi saagarkanthe chhta

haath ma aa bhini ret kyan.thi? (1)

I haven’t been to an oceanfront, but

whence came this wet sand on my hands? (1)

nathi gulaabjal fuldaani me chhta

haath mara aa mehekya kya.thi? (2)

There’s no rose-water in the spritzer but

why are my hands fragrant? (2)

nathi dal per koyal chhta

kaanma gunje aa tuhuka kya.thi (3)

There’s no cuckoo on the branch even then

why do my ears ring with its song? (3)

nathi annkho ma aanjan chhta

gaal per aa kalu pravahi kya.thi? (4)

There is no kohl in my eyes, but then

why are there black streaks on my cheeks? (4)

nathi pehla ane deethi chhta

vaatma ani phasayo kya.thi? (5)

I haven’t seen her before, but then

how did I get entrapped in her words? (5)

indriyo ekbandh ne buddhi tikshna chhta

bimb ne pratibimb aa janiyo kya.thi? (6)

Senses are intact and intellect is sharp, even then

how did the reflection got confused as light? (6)

Additional Notes: If you ask any writer to choose one favorite piece amongst others, it will be very tough for him to do that. Poems are like children, there isn’t one that can be singled out as a favorite. But, this six line poem is the one that I can unequivocally say I really like reading even after all this years. Primarily, for its simple rhetorical questions, cadence and the deeper themes that I tried to explore.


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