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Banish Emily from Emily

Day 5 NaPoWriMo 2015.  Third one for me, since I missed the first 2 days and I haven’t caught up.  Today’s prompt is to take a Emily Dickinson poem, strip it of all punctuation, rebreak the lines, add words, take away words and make your own poem out of it.  I picked Emily’s Banish Air from Air.  The rework, remix seems to fit thematically with my poem from yesterday.

Extinguish fire from fire
Take wetness from water
’Banish air from air’
Divide Light from Light
Nothing fits like Lego cubes
Or Ikea flat pellets
Nothing negates - but transforms - 
in a continuum -
Something gained but nothing lost - 
always conserved.
Films can’t contain Flame - 
even a pushover of momentary impotence,
will flit freely like Steam 
towards its innateness.

Emily’s original, with line breaks and  dashes.

Banish Air from Air -
Divide Light if you dare -
They'll meet
While Cubes in a Drop
Or Pellets of Shape
Fit -
Films cannot annul
Odors return whole
Force Flame
And with a Blonde push
Over your impotence
Flits Steam.


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