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Collection of Tweets

Day 17 of NaPoWriMo.  Today’s prompt is to write a “social media” poem.  Where you “namecheck all of your friends. Quote from their texts, tweets, FB status updates, twitter accounts, and blogposts, and the back of the cereal box on your breakfast table. The poem is about you and you are about what you say, think, talk, eat.”  Couple of participants I saw went the Found Poetry route by taking snippets from FB Status and tweets to create a poem.  I went the snark route – re-imagining the memes that develop on social media.  I kept them all as tweets.  As the prompt suggested, like the internet, this might just end up as “bizarrely solipsistic (like the internet itself)”.

There r 3 types of people on social media:
Somebody selling something,
somebody planning on selling something,
somebody with fetishes #poem

Chain l8rs of the email era
has found a new home: Facebook
#chainlettersaredead #Longlivechainletters

@the poster who keeps posting the same picture
over and over again on FB, we got it.
After the third time it's just annoying.

Geeking out on a yoga flowchart:
Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Anushara,
Take your pick to suit your need.
#Yoga #flowchart

My FB feed is filled with NaMo posts
there's Swachh Bharat photo-op
there's US, France, Germany photo-ops
#CultofNaMo #SameascultofGandhi

Listicles are reproducing like tribbles
There r lists for lists to make other lists
#FuBuzzfeed #meta #bucketlistsarestupid #livelifenotlist

Swachh Bharat - literally means "Clean India", a reference to Clean India Mission launched by PM, Narendra Modi.
NaMo  - short hand for Narendra Modi.

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