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Cage and Other Clerihews

Day 25 of NaPoWriMo.  Today’s prompt is a Clerihew, which a four-line biographical poem.  The first line is usually the name of the poem’s subject.  The poem usually has a  rhyme scheme AABB, line length and meter can be irregular.

For a bit silly Clarihew.

Nicholas Kim Coppola aka Nicholas Cage
Did good offbeat work and was all the rage
His acting he says is ‘Nouveau Shamanic’
but it sounds more like cashing in and shambolic.

Geeky Ones

Byron’s only legit child - Ada Lovelace
When Babbage needed software, she was on the case
She wrote first instructions that were algorithmic
Now they have proliferated on a scale logarithmic.

‘Amazing Grace’ Murray Hopper
Built the first compiler proper
Her other skill was training young people
To take chances and cause ripples.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Talks about subject of event horizon
His intellect and geekiness are inspirational
his wit and throaty laughs are simply gravitational.

Political Ones

Karl Christian Rove
Turned small Bush into grove
He was nicknamed ’turd blossom’
Whose deeds were oh so gruesome.

Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney
Not your garden variety meanie
He spews venom through forked tongues
His heart is like coal miner’s lungs.

2 thoughts on “Cage and Other Clerihews

  1. On a quiet Sunday evening I have been browsing through the participants’ sites for NaPoWriMo and yours was the first one in about ten to twelve that actually wrote a clerihew – and you wrote several. Well done!

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