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Teenage Ice Cream Shop Associate

Day 26 of NaPoWriMo.  Today’s prompt is to write a “persona poem”.  Well, even when I don’t write persona, to a great extent, I draw from many different people including my own experiences and even assuming an alter-ego.  Either way.  I had couple of ideas, but it seemed to explore them would require considerable amount of time, which is short supply today.  So instead, I thought about the many teenagers you see working at all the small shops.  So, I assumed a persona of a teen ice cream shop attendee working a Saturday afternoon shift.  I’m not quite sure if this is even a poem, a prose poem or flash fiction.  But, here it goes….

Two more hours till end of shift. Then 
meet friends over coffee, maybe catch a movie,
perhaps dinner after,

Whoa! look who just walked in - its Jenny.
God. Ok, keep your cool, don't get tongue-tied,
But man, she’s sahara desert hot,

You can't expect me to keep it cool, I bet 
she can melt all the ice cream in the shop.
"Heh. What can I get you?"

Damn. Did I just hear a sizzle when she licked
the ice cream sample. "Scoop of happiness,
That's a great choice."

Scoop it slowly. Think of something to say.
"School’s fine, how about you?"
Dope, why didn't you ask

about the chem class we have together. "My plans? 
Not much, just hang out, coffee, movie, maybe dinner."
Umm, why is she interested in my plans?

"Yes, you do know everyone that’s coming." 
Did I hear this right? "You want to come along? 
Sure. No, everyone will be cool with that."

What’s happening here. Keep it cool. Keep it cool. 
"Sure I can give you a ride. Pick you up at seven. 
Fabulous." Did I say fabulous?

What just happened here. Whatever.
Do the happy dance!

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