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The Bridge of the Gods

Day 28 of NaPoWriMo.  Prompt today was writing about bridges, real or imaginary.  Bridges as metaphors.  I had the inspiration, but not the energy to flesh out the entire idea I had in mind.  So instead, here is a straight narrative (which I don’t have the skills to do justice) that covers part of a local place-name Native American legend.

In the beginning when the world was new,
The Great Spirit Tyee Sahalepull o
traveled down the Great River
With his two sons -
Klicitat and Wy’east, and
found beautiful, bountiful land.

Brothers as they wont to do -
seeing something beautiful,
wanted to claim it for themselves.

Chief Sahale to ensure 
they won't fight 
drew the bow 
and shot two arrows:
one towards the north,
the other to the west.

Sahale proclaimed to his sons, 
“Go find the arrows. Where they lie,
That shall become your land.” 

Klicitat traveled north and became
The first grandfather of the Klicitats.
Wy’east went to the west and became
The first grandfather of the Multanomahs.

Then the great Chief Sahale raised
great mountains so the tribes won't
fight amongst themselves.
The Great River that runs deep and wide
Was sign of peace amongst the tribes.

Impressed seeing his two sons can coexist,
Chief Sahale decides to build
A stone bridge across the Great River -
The Tomanowos Ilahee -
The Bridge of the Gods.

Now the two peoples can 
cross the Great River 
and be friends.

Klicitat – Mt. Adams

Wy’east – Mt. Hood

Great River – Columbia River

Great Mountains – the Cascades


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