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The Emergency of Now

Day 29 of NaPoWriMo.  This is my 25th post in the month.  Today’s prompt to “write a poem in the form of a review.”  But, I think I veered off course and this is more a reflection than a review.

The Emergency of Now

Riot gear, tear gas, looting, caught in dire emergency of now
Tomorrow is today, today, now.  Where’s the fierce urgency of now?

Under night curfew, the situation’s quelled.  It is an easy pivot
to indifference and neglect, under the insouciant dormancy of now.

Orioles played in Camden Yards with full press boxes, and
empty grandstands: that’s the spectacle, the new normalcy of now.

Trapped in a dragnet of minor violations, offenses and crimes,
feeding the incarceration machine – that’s the grand larceny of now.

Even with tied legs, the caged bird trills songs of freedom,
wishing to irrigate green shoots and plough the verdancy of now.

Unequal opportunity and ’Mirage’ of trust, weigh down dreams
Flutter swiftly the wings of hope to free the leaden buoyancy of now.

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