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Visage of Time

With a hypodermic needle insert a genetic vector in the cleavage of time

Inoculate the neurons to erase the impressions, and ease the ravage of time.


The past rubs against the present, the present against the future

On a smooth vellum, frottage creates an uneven image of time.


If graviton has gravitas, and photon carries illumination,

Tachyon curls begun and unbegun into nonlinear montage of time.


Here a fleeting glimpse of eternity, there an eternity of ephemera:

Why can’t I remember the future? Why is past, the only visage of time.


The smooth of the nape, the curve of the spine, the sway of the hips,

On the tongue, sweet taste of wine, all wrapped in the heavy sillage of time.


“Mirage” of reality: collage of truths and imagined truths

Solute and solvent are inseparable in an endless arbitrage of time.



The inspiration for this ghazal started from, of all things, a NPR science story on zika virus.  Look for Scott Simon’s question about hypodermic needle and inserting DNA into mosquitos.




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