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Stereo. Typical.

(after Eileen Myles)

You must

be really

smart you

must be a

genius you

an engineer?

a doctor?

an IT guy? You


eat spicy

curry like


do you

have relatives

working in a


center can

you do that head

bobbing thing

it’s so

hilarious but I

mean no

offense by it

you don’t

have an accent can

you speak with

an accent, it’s so

cool no

but where

are you ori-

ginally from?

No but originally

from? I bet


you play with


everyday like that


song when

you grow up you

think you will

get arranged

marriage I bet

you speak fluent

Indian I bet


family owns a

motel how

can you find


head offensive. I


after all

you put a dot

on your for-

head. I bet all

your get to-

gethers break out

in Bollywood

song and dance


You must be

limber as hell




and all.


Notes: An example of Eileen Myles’ poems: An American Poem.  The style that I used in writing this poem.

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