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Day 4 National Poetry Writing Month 2016

After Craig Arnold….


Which is the cruelest month of all?

There is no cruel in January but a yuan jar,

which if you have access to

chinese currency

you can save for a rainy day.

February has bear fury, or if you prefer

bare fury.  Both can be scary.

March has the charm of spring.


April can rip Al, so call me Al!

May is filled with possibilities,

But all I could come up with is  yam.

In Sewdish, ej nu (not now) comes from June

Say that to your vacationing teens and

expect some stink eyes and eye rolls.


July? July? July?!  It has watermelon,

and fireworks, but no cruel.

August contains guts and USA,

so bring your machismo and your patriotism.

(Come to think of it, August can stand-in for July).

September, gets you over the

steep berm of summer and

into the cool of autumn.


In October, rob the cote

that the sparrows built.

Harsh for them, but your

backyard is reclaimed.

November warns you to never mob,

But at thanksgiving, it is precisely a mob

that we all hang out with.

We made it all the way to December,

and I still don’t have a month.

So true to my name, Mr Be Cede,

I cede to you, dear readers.

Now you decide,

which is the cruelest month of all?
Note: Day 4  NaPoWriMo 2016 prompt was to write about which is the cruelest month and why.  I got the inspiration from a much more elegant poem called Uncouplings by Craig Arnold.


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