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Continguous Memory

Under the baobab tree gazing at warm azure waters
The hour shaped like the overhanging stray clouds,
And space singing to the rhythm of softly lapping waves.

Half a world away, the calm Pacific spews wave after waves
Lifeguard warns, as storm brings in chilly, choppy waters.
On black sand beach, the sky screens fast moving clouds.

On the coast, down from the high Inca terraces, wander puffs of clouds,
Locals in wetsuits perched on longboards ride the waves,
Looking at the portrait with backs against swift wind over waters,

Brings a continuum of memories bounded in clouds that supply the waters that create the waves.

Notes: Day 7 NaPoWriMo 2016 prompt was to write a tritina.  A shortened form of sestina.  A bit of rushed job today, but it is fun  form.  The form reminds me of the use of refrain  in the ghazal, albeit, this form has essentially 3 refrains.  Will definitely have to revisit it along with the sestina, when there  is little more time.


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