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In the meadow, delighting hearts, that’s my Mesmer self
Swaying in the spring zephyr, that’s my dancer self.

When in vacant mood, feeling the blues, recall
My six petals around yellow corona, my charmer self.

Every spring, along the lakes and rivers, you will find me,
My ears perked for Echo: that’s my listener, my admirer self.

Maidens, nymphs, apsaras, and houris, I appreciate
the steady supply of admiration – a boost to my flatterer self!

I never said anything about myself, it is you who’s fawning
over me. Now you are accusing me of being a huckster self?

The prophecy and parents’ love kept me ignorant
But I traded my lifespan to know my inner self.

Echo, Hera’s curse (or boon?), grants you the last word
If you’d listened, you’d have found, I can love another self.

Echo, when you talked up a storm with Hera, were you
Covering for Zeus? Ready to incur her wrath?- your inciter self?

With my fingers, I traced my beautiful face on the water,
Does stealing my own glance, make me a larcener self?

I wasn’t entranced by only a single reflection in the pool,
along with mine: there was Echo’s and echo of my former self.

Do not think of me as arrogant, fair Echo, I’m under Nemesis’
Spell. My thirst is for you says my fading, gossamer self.

There is an epistemic bubble around each and every self
Why am I, the only one labeled of being an echo chamber self.

What is ‘Mirage’, what is maya, what is real?
Gazing in the watery mirror, I am contemplating my truer self.

Note: Day 8 NaPoWriMo 2016 prompt was simply to write about flowers.  Even though, all that needs to be said about Narcissus has been written, said, sang, filmed, I still decided to explore it.  Figured, I can reinterpret and add some twists to the legend.


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