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Let’s Talk About the Weather

It’s 80 degrees in mid-April, such terrific weather
Let’s dine al fresco tonight in this pan-tropic weather.

Is it El Nino? La Nina? or human generated? Forget
for one day and indulge in this nice NW Pacific weather.

Not all thoughts can be expressed in a couplet with qafiyah and radif
Let’s converse in prose about the arabic weather.

My fear: taking corporate work sanyasa and its consequences.
How else can one wander the world and write about karmic weather?

The shrills, grifters, and ideologues have gone all in –
“We’re all in this together” has fallen to the wayside in this polemic weather.

Frothing emotions are suppressing the better angels of our nature
It grants hate license to create a tragi-civic weather.

Don’t worry about grey clouds returning and hiding the sun
Whenever there are friends around it is gin and tonic weather.

The popular soft-core trilogy notwithstanding, the PacNW
Has essentially multi shades of achromatic weather.

We don’t know what’s before the beginning or after the end
Let’s relish the interval and this cinematic weather.

There is sun, there is sand, there is shade
Why don’t we morph into animals in this zoomorphic weather!

Is he smart, is this all an act, can he evolve? All you can say is
He is under the influence of schizophrenic weather.

The monster you created is out of control, isn’t it
Ironic that you created this sardonic weather.

I have gone miles and miles, it is now
time for me to sleep. In this somnific weather.

The summer doldrums are setting in. ‘Mirage’
is forming, keep alert in this hypnotic weather.

Word List:
qafiyah – rhyme, radif – refrain, used in ghazals
sanyasa – retirement, is the life stage of renunciation

Notes: Day 9 of NaPoWriMo 2016. Today’s prompt was “to write a poem that includes a line that you’re afraid to write.”


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