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Index of Drive

Addiction, extrinsic rewards lead to
Autonomy, no worker gets too much
Altruism, fulfilling work without money is
Anxiety, no one is going to bash your head in

Behavior, why always such dickish
Beyond Boredom and Anxiety, bashing your head will not get you
Built to Last, it’s just a marketing slogan, nothing is

Carrots and sticks, my boss’ strategy to motivate me is to use
Charitable, even that praise was faint and only slightly
Cooperative, the first cheese I ate came from a farmer’s
Creativity, there is no perpetual fount of

Disutility belt, a utility belt in bizarro world is a

Effort, keeping you satisfied, always take too much
Excellence?, is there such as thing as mundanity of

Flow, in the, go with
Flowcharted, your sketch of spontaneity was

Gap Outlet, no I am not letting myself go, just because I shop at

Happiness, truth is, fulfilling work and money is
Hurry sickness, poem a day for 30 days is a cult of

Interest, it doesn’t mean your are interesting, if you are a person of
Intrinsic motivations, over a plane ride, my boss learned about, is now trying to tap into my
Irrational, after all, all of us are

Japan, I would like to visit one day
JetBlue, riding on

Knowledge workers, the new blue collar workers are

Learned optimism, just as toxic as learned pessimism is
Linchpin, in our relationship, admit it, I am the

Mastery asymptote, no matter how much effort you put in, you will always be a

Outlier, one out of three doesn’t make you an

Prostitution, working for only money is

Quarterly goal, taking me out on at least three dates is your

Relationship, that is only way this, will survive
Rational, only in bizzaro world is anyone really

Sabbatical, what would it take to be on a permanent
Seven-Day Weekend, same thing as sabbatical is

Talent is Overrated, what separates you is your BS chutzpah, because
Toolkit, there is no trick left in my

Utility, except in the bizzaro world, everyone has some

Vocation Vacations, meaning deprived people pay for

War of Art, when sleep battles your urge to write, it is

Zen, ….

Notes: Day 12 of NaPoWriMo 2016.  Today’s prompt asked for writing a Index poem as a found poem or following Thomas Brendler’s Index of First Lines.  I used words from the index from Daniel Pink’s boook Drive (as I had the Kindle version handy), as a starting point and added the rest of the lines.  Followed Brendler’s format, as there wasn’t much time to do something more cleverer or interesting.


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