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In the Dark

The evergreens assume the faint hues of teal in the dark
Under the amber glow, quietly we eat our meal in the dark

Each day, the knots get looser, ready to unravel
Each day, the contours of the faces are concealed in the dark

Like the feel of rich, dark chocolate in the mouth
The shapes and the curves slowly reveal in the dark

So what if it is the buzz of good company and blood, red wine
So what if we take some liberty, and make a deal in the dark

Virtually, the bewitching, enticing images stream across,
With a captive mind, and bewildering appeal in the dark

‘Mirage’ can sway simple minds, and simple thoughts
To true believers, the unreal seems more real in the dark

Note: Attempting another Na/GloPoWriMo this month.  Not following the prompt from the first day, instead wrote  ghazal.

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