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To the Present

Day 7 Of NaPoWriMo 2018. 

20130831-IMG_3330 LR

The dreams waylaid along the roadside to the present,
Pawned in the past, take satirical broadside to the present.

In hindsight, there is perfect clarity and perfect outcomes.
In foresight, just an experiment, and luck’s rough ride to the present.

Those born on the third base, but think they hit a triple, sit in
jalopy of privilege and with future perfect, joyride to the present.

Come on, let your soft hands pour some wine for us to enjoy
Past in gone, why fret the future, what’s left beside the present?

The fly-over country thinks of bicoastal people as unreal ‘Mirage’, but
happily believe a east-coast grifter who took a low ride to the present.

Off prompt today and a seventh ghazal for the seventh day. But today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is good to go revisit at a later point:

In our interview, Kyle Dargan suggests writing out a list of all of your different layers of identity. For example, you might be a wife, a grandmother, a Philadelphian, a dental assistant, a rabid Phillies fan, a seamstress, retiree, agnostic, cancer survivor, etc.. These are all ways you could be described or lenses you could be viewed through. Now divide all of those things into lists of what makes you feel powerful and what makes you feel vulnerable. Now write a poem in which one of the identities from the first list contends or talks with an identity from the second list. This might turn out to be kind of a “heavy” exercise, emotionally, but I hope you will find the results enlightening.

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