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Ms Ant’s Wedding Procession

Day 9 Of NaPoWriMo 2018. 

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Poor Ms Ant is so tiny, but now she’s getting married,
All the birds got invites, and they all came to honor Ms Ant.
Let’s all join in Ms Ant’s wedding procession.

The Peacock built a beautiful stage, and the Centipede served dried dates,
The Lice sang nice songs, and the Parrot served sweets,
Let’s all join in Ms Ant’s wedding procession.

The Bigwig Ant was send upstairs to bring back some jaggery
But, he’s slim and he couldn’t lift the jaggery!
Let’s all join in Ms Ant’s wedding procession.

Ms Cat was sent to the village to extend the invitation
But, she ran into two Dogs, who bit her two ears,
Let’s all join in Ms Ant’s wedding procession.

The Lizard put on the ankle bells, and the Kite’s ready with finger-cymbals
The Camel plays the drums, and the Donkey blows the shehnai
Let’s all join in Ms Ant’s wedding procession.

Maternal Uncle Mice is little upset, he’s secluded himself on an island
And the Frog is little jumpy, she’s eager to put on new clothes
Let’s all join in Ms Ant’s wedding procession.

The Mahare got a Ear Worm out, he’s waiting for the procession
Today, he’ll rob it by twisting everyone’s ears –
Let’s all join in Ms Ant’s wedding procession.

Look now that Ms Ant’s procession is here, lets all get together,
I’ – ‘Bhojya Bhagat’ – plead everyone to now please wise up
It’s Ms Ant’s wedding!

Not sure if this is on prompt or not. But, after seeing the prompt, I couldn’t shake this Gujarati folk songs out of my head. So I ended up doing a translation. I mean you can’t get smaller than an ant and more epic than a wedding, right?! I couldn’t figure out couple of words, so if a native Gujarati speaker out there can help to fix some things in here, that would be awesome.

The prompt was:

In his interview, Smith mentions “ants roll{ing} epic” – a rather charming image! In honor of it, we challenge you today to write a poem in which something big and something small come together.

The original folk song in Gujarati (written in english script)
Kidi bichari kidli re, kidi na laganiya levay,
Pankhi parevda ne notariya, he kidi ne aapya sanman,
Halo halo ne kidibai ni janma.

Morle bandhiyo rudo mandvo re, khajuro pirse kharek,
Ju ae re gaya ruda geetda, Popat pirse pakwan,
Hale ne kidibai ni jaan ma,

Makoda ne mokaliyo malave re leva kalaviyo gaud,
Makodo kede thi patado, he gaud updiyo na jai,
Halo ne..

Bilii bai ne mokaliya gaam ma re ava notarava gaam,
Sama maliya be kutra, he biladi na karadiya be kaan,
Halo ne..

Goard bandhya page ghughra re,fakire bandhi re katar,
Ute re bandhya gale dholka, ghadhedo fuke re sharnai,
halo ne..

Undarmama haliya re rihahmane re, betha dariya ne bet,
Dedko betho dagmage, he mane kapda perav,
Halo ne..

Mahare kadhyo ek kankhajooro, Juve jano ni vat,
Aaje to jaan ne lootvi, Leva sarve na kaan, halo ne..

Pan kidi ne badhi jaan chey re, badhu karjo samjo vichar,
Bhojya bhagat ni vinati, he samja chatur sujan,
Halo ne..

4 thoughts on “Ms Ant’s Wedding Procession

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  2. Thanks for the translation/interpretation! I came across this song on Amazon Music. Been trying to listen to Gujarati folk music/songs. But it is difficult to understand everything.

    • Hi Aristarkhos, glad you found the translation useful. I agree, some of the more colloquial Gujarati used in folk music/songs are difficult to follow. But, they are so much fun to listen to.

  3. Hi, I am a native Gujarati Speaker but I still fond some of the words in this song hard to interpret because of the dialect. However would like to point out that the first line of the last paragraph sounds more like “Kai kidi ne kai jaan chhe, Santo karjo vichar” in the actual song found on Amazon Prime Music which would roughly translate to “Who’s the ant that is supposed to get married and which are guest ants in the wedding procession, wise people keep in mind.”

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