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The Cove

Day 10 Of NaPoWriMo 2018.

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A young couple saw me huffing the steep incline and exhorted me to keep going
– the scene, up top, of the lighthouse, is worth it. A puff of fog brushed my cheeks

and made it moist as if I was sweating in fifty degrees. My son said the day after the election
he saw couple of girls cry at school. After our trip, last summer, we found this restaurant

with reasonable prices during happy hour serving good, vegetarian sushi. I took pictures of the happy young couple, who told me they were seniors in college. At my wife’s work, the cleaning lady

was leaving and returning home. Her daughter, born and raised here, had to quit school during her senior year. The young couple asked if we had gone down to the cove. We hadn’t. You

should not miss it, they said, smiling their sweet, white smiles. Up, on the top, the scene was typical pacific northwest, gorgeous – green, lush and wet. The fog had faded the whole top side

of the cliffs and the interpretative center, sitting atop, was but a yellow washed up outline. I read that the park service is proposing as much as seventy dollars for park entry. We made it down

to the cove through the muddy, slippery slope. I didn’t slip. I couldn’t say that for others in the group. The cove was wonderful. And private. Everyone had left – it was late afternoon.

The rocky sandbar, accessible from the beach, had little trees growing on it. The beach itself was strewn with driftwood. The cleaning lady come by, to say goodbye

at my wife’s work. She cried and so did others. The water from the river was gently wishing and washing across the beach, But by now the drizzle had intensified. I couldn’t get a decent

picture without spots on the camera lens. The boys were getting wet and hungry. The young couple, were looking forward to their summer vacation in europe. We headed back to the town

for dinner, before heading home. The cleaning lady’s daughter didn’t know what she’ll do in her new home. The young couple after vacation, have nice jobs lined up, in fall.

Today’s prompt was:

Usually, we take inspiration from our craft resource, but since our resource is about revision, we’ll go a bit further afield for this one! Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happing at once. A nice example might be Emily Dickinson’s “I heard a Fly buzz – when I died”, or this powerful poem by Sarah Green.

So finally, on prompt this time, but only by imitating the form and the style of Sarah Green’s poem mentioned here.  The formatting on the blog is going to look different, though, I did write the poem as couplets.

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