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Day 14 Of NaPoWriMo 2018.

20180414-IMG_8538 LR

Tulips mania
runs wild: flowers, stocks or greed –
always ends in bust.

Sway in the wild wind
candy colored bulbs, make
my lover jealous.

Bands across the field
like painter gone wild, petals
tickle harden hearts.

Not much time to write, so wrote these three haikus, today. Each one contains the word – “wild”. The prompt did call for “wildness in poetry. The actual prompt was:

And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Dream dictionaries have been around as long as people have had dreams. Interestingly, if you consult a few of them, they nearly always tend to have totally different things to say about specific objects or symbols. Dreams, unlike words themselves, don’t seem to be nicely definable! At any rate, today’s prompt is to write entries for an imaginary dream dictionary. Pick one (or more) of the following words, and write about what it means to dream of these things:

Ballet slipper
Wobbly table


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