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Backyard Picnic

Day 26 Of NaPoWriMo 2018.
20170617-IMG_7182 LR

Deck, patio furniture and the grill are all washed and clean,
Clipped fresh lavender tied up in a bunch is set on patio table,
Next to two melamine place settings a slim center vase rests
Housing two faintly sweet smelling roses with long stems dipped in water.

I light the candle on the table and from the ice bucket,
pull out the chilled red lambrusco and dry the bottle with a towel.
I free the cork from bottle, which flies a slight distance
With a distinct pop. I pour the effervescent wine in two long stemmed glasses,
the bubbles freely race to the top with a low hum.

Iphone is programmed to a playlist containing Enigma. The deck,
in low volume pipes out soft techno beats to the tune of “Principles of Lust.”
The home-made pizza pie with marinated cottage cheese and
Small bits of fresh chilies and heirloom tomatoes is sizzling on the grill.

With black grill marks now visible, I take the pizza and slice it into
Eight parts. Next I liberally sprinkle fresh cilantro over the hot pizza
then top it off by squeezing two halves of a whole lemon.
Two slices each are plated on two plates. I take one of the rose
Out of the vase, brush its soft petals on soft cheeks.

The air is now pregnant with charred wood, citrus, hint of spicyness
Mixed with sweet smell of rose and woodsy freshness of lavender.
A glass is swirled and a sip is taken, next the pizza slice is picked and bitten.
“Yum, this is good,” says the voice, just as the song “Mea Culpa” is playing.
“Apology, accepted.”


Today’s prompt was:

Taking our cue from today’s craft resource, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem that includes images that engage all five senses. Try to be as concrete and exact as possible with the “feel” of what the poem invites the reader to see, smell, touch, taste and hear.

Hopefully, the poem does justice to the prompt.

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