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Postcard from Tuscany

Day 28 NaPoWriMo 2018
20170825-IMG_4550 LR

Ciao ragazzo! Here’s something to make you jealous – the vineyards on gentle rolling hills, diffused light like a perpetual golden hour, and basking in that light, the sun-drenched villas. Last night, at the farm-stay, we were seated on the garden terrace with a young friendly french couple. They were not snooty at all.  The architect turned chef and the crew were serving a 4-course meal.  The courses were progressing leisurely and the wine was flowing freely.  We conversed with other guests, too.  Longer with the Belgian family, with the two high school girls. The ones with whom, your usually reticent nephews were clearly flirting with.  And during this evening’s visit to classic chianti vineyard, the pretty young sommelier was hitting on your older nephew. Maybe it is something in the water. Very tempting to pull a Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun. Alas this is real life and not a movie. But we still have couple of days of left to enjoy la dolce vita. The vino, the cibo, the formaggi, and the vino. Buonasera!

Today’s prompt was:
Following the suggestion of our craft resource, we challenge you today to draft a prose poem in the form/style of a postcard. If you need some inspiration, why not check out some images of vintage postcards? I’m particularly fond of this one.

Couldn’t help but write about snippets of our visit to Tuscany, last summer (August 2017), in a form of a postcard to my brother.

Word List:
Ciao ragazzo – literally hello/goodbye boy. We heard this greeting, actually they were usually saying Ciao ragazzi or hello boys, in Venice when we were walking around early morning before sunrise. The locals were greeting each other using this phrase.
La dolce vita – the sweet life
Vino – wine
Cibo – food
Forgmaggi – cheeses
Buonasera – good evening.

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