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Day 23 NaPoWriMo 2020

Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash

The C echos enso, when the mind is free to create
The H is like a hammock, cosseting tired old bones
The Y supports the ups and downs of life with equanimity
The R may be to blame for supporting puffery
The O is when perfection is sought but is always asymptotic
The N reflects hope, what goes up, comes down but can go up again

It is a sight, when a chyron writer commits a real act of journalism,
Where most journos fail miserably under the guise of balance.

Notes:  Day 23 of NaPoWriMo 2020.  Today’s prompt:

“…asks you to write a poem about a particular letter of the alphabet, or perhaps, the letters that form a short word. Doesn’t “S” look sneaky and snakelike? And “W” clearly doesn’t know where it’s going! Think about the shape of the letter(s), and use that as the take-off point for your poem. Need an example? Here is my down-and-dirty translation of Eduardo Galeano’s “The letters of the word AMOR:

The A has its legs open.
The M is a seesaw that comes and goes between heaven and hell.
The O is a closed circle, it will choke you.
The R is scandalously pregnant.
All of the letters of the word AMOR are dangerous.”

“The ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). It is characterised by a minimalism born of Japanese aesthetics.”

It is nice to see a chyron writer going to town writing real “headlines” like the CNN writer apparently did on April 13, 2020.

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