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I’m a technology professional by the day, amateur writer by the night.  I dabbled in writing poems back in high school and college.  But, had stopped for long time, only to restart in 2013.

The impetus to write was to hone my proficiency in Hindi (and Urdu) and Gujarati (my mother tongue), which I have started losing because of almost exclusive use of English in professional and personal life.

I experiment with all types of poetry.  But I have discovered that sometimes using poetry forms provides a way to channel the creative process and allows ideas to be put on paper, quicker.

One form I have special affinity towards is the ghazal.  A form which is quite prevalent in South Asia and is usually sung and set to music.  Some of my fondest memories are those of listening to Hindi/Urdu ghazals with my grandfather (maternal).  Sung ghazals are a perfect confluence of good poetry, singing and music.  Writing ghazals in English has it own quirks and challenges, as it seems, initially, the cadence of the language doesn’t lend itself to the form.

I’ve sparingly wrote in Gujarati, my mother tongue, which I would like to change at some point.

My most prolific output (usually in English) comes during the month of April during the National Poetry Writing Month, where I try to shoot for 30 poems in 30 days.

-Aashish Vaidya


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