Morning Raaga

Day 6 of NaPoWriMo 2015.  Today’s prompt is to write aubade, which are morning poems about dawn and daybreak.  I read John Donne’s aubade The Sun Rising after reading Billy Collins’ Memorizing “The Sun Rising” by John Donne, maybe about a year ago.  But, after reading the prompt, I couldn’t quite get the scenes that usually unfold at my household, out of my head.

Morning Raaga
Give me few more minutes,
few more winks,
There is still time,
let, leeet,letttt
Me, meee, m, miiii
Sl, sleeeep, sllll..e..pppp.

My throat hurts,
can I skip school?
I think I have a fever,
can I skip school?
I don't have clean clothes,
can I skip school?
Water’s too cold,
I can't shower in four minutes,
can I skip school?
I didn't fall asleep till two
(Playing DS and texting, but)
can I skip school?
We’re out of cereal, I'm too hungry
can I skip school?

I can't find my paper that's due today
I can't find my assignment,
I swear I finished them.
You said don't start it but finish it, 
Well he started it.
Can you sign this three page consent,
this second,
my bus is here?
Can you check my work,
in the next five minutes,
my bus will be here.
My lunch box isn't ready,
can you drop it off later,
my bus is here?
I missed my bus.