Peafowl’s Tale – 2 haikus

Peafowls’ Tale



Iridescent train

of covert feathers’ my play.

Hen’s the game.  I slay.



Joker’s wild, think he’s

a player. Thinks I’m easy.

What a foolish fowl.


Notes: After taking a hiatus since 2018, hoping to join in another NaPoWriMo challenge and shoot for 30 poems in 30 days.  I am again following Maureen Thorson’s site, which usually serves up daily prompts, and wonderful poetry resources.

Today’s prompt is for early birds (March 31): “And now, in the spirit of an early-bird prompt, I’d like to invite you to write a poem about your favorite bird. As this collection of snippets from longer poems suggests, birds have been inspiring poets for a very long time indeed!”

Hope the poetry challenge can serve as a momentary, albeit a creative, diversion, helping us all to navigate through these perilous time.  Be safe, stay healthy, be kind!