The Emergency of Now

Day 29 of NaPoWriMo.  This is my 25th post in the month.  Today’s prompt to “write a poem in the form of a review.”  But, I think I veered off course and this is more a reflection than a review.

The Emergency of Now

Riot gear, tear gas, looting, caught in dire emergency of now
Tomorrow is today, today, now.  Where’s the fierce urgency of now?

Under night curfew, the situation’s quelled.  It is an easy pivot
to indifference and neglect, under the insouciant dormancy of now.

Orioles played in Camden Yards with full press boxes, and
empty grandstands: that’s the spectacle, the new normalcy of now.

Trapped in a dragnet of minor violations, offenses and crimes,
feeding the incarceration machine – that’s the grand larceny of now.

Even with tied legs, the caged bird trills songs of freedom,
wishing to irrigate green shoots and plough the verdancy of now.

Unequal opportunity and ’Mirage’ of trust, weigh down dreams
Flutter swiftly the wings of hope to free the leaden buoyancy of now.

Six of Spades: A City Symphony

Day 23 of NaPoWriMo.  Today was all about taking chances.  The prompt was to find a deck of cards (any type), and draw a card and then free associate and write for 5 minutes.  Being lazy enough to locate a deck of cards in the house, I drew a virtual card from an online site.  I drew a six of spades.  I like stream of consciousness writing.  Of course, after the 5 minutes, there was more work to stretch and organize the words that spilled out.  Can’t say if the result turned out great, but the process, at least, was fun.

Six of spades 
As in spades, as in droves. 
Droves of doves perched on banyan trees 
Droves of doves, crows, sparrows and their kin - 
bringing up the raucous section of the woodwinds. 

Outnumbered pedestrians avoid walking under the trees, 
spilling off the footpaths and 
mixing in with rickshaws, scooters, cycles, cars, and cows 
all flow through the streets 
as multitude of horns honk and beep, 
add brass to the woodwinds. 

Sun sets against the district court - 
as plaintiffs, defendants, and lawyers stream out 
adding their chorus to the cacophony. 

Sun casts long shadows across the lake 
Boaters paddle and propel their oars on the lake 
The sloshing and thumping 
adds rhythm. 
Lantern-lit food carts dot the lake, 
Across the street at the music venue, 
Crowd gathers for tonight's event 
Inside the concert hall,the strings come online - 
And now, the noisy city symphony is in full swing.
But, we will end with 
the same words as we started, 
Not sure what any of this has to do with - 
Six of spades.

Actual Text:

Six of spades In spades is droves Droves of Doves on banyan tree raucous and loud in the evening setting sun soft light traffic high cyclists and rickshaws and cows and cars and end of the day  people with business from the court family disputes lawyers in black robes food carts and the lake with boaters and music college with students of music concerts one way traffic.