An Ode to Arcane Words

Day 3 National Poetry Writing Month 2016

Prelude: Hear, hear, those who have gather here

Know that it is a shame that we don’t

use these wonderful forgotten words,

but we really should.  


Gather around children, today I am

going to tell you a story about an pismire,

who is trying to become the world’s

most puissant person.

Let’s call him Drumpf.


He hails from septentrional city of Gotham

and is extremely contumelious.  


His excogigate is to create galimaufry

that confuse those in the media.  His

modus operandi is to twattle on tweeter

to destroy his opponents with insults and

massive putdowns.  With cozen he whispers

sweet-nothings into his supporters and whips

them up into sanguinolent in his rallies, where

they are ready to pizzle their opponents.


Drumpf has created such a cattywampus

within his druxy tribe and made tribal elites

truly namby-pamby.


Oh they tried so hard to oppugn him

but they are largely flailing, peenging

and pronking like thompson’s gazelles.

The tribal elites are trying to avaunt the usurper

but they have been largely bootless and have

been reduced to mere criticasters.


Meanwhile Drumpf, ever the sciolist and an acrasian

is winning hearts and minds of the average Joe.

He may be altiloquent, but the people are lapping

up his every word.  He may just napoo,

yaff and honeyfuggle his way to victory.



Arcane Word List:

Pismire – an ant

Puissant – having great power or influence

Septentrional – of the north

Contumelious – (of behavior) scornful and insulting; insolent

ExcogigateTo plan, plot or devise

Galimaufry – A jumble or confused medley of things

Twattle – To gossip; talk idly and too much

Cozen – To swindle by artful deception

Sanguinolent – Tinged with blood, or with a passion for bloodshed

Pizzle – To beat someone with a dried bull’s penis

Cattywampus – In disarray or disorder; askew

Druxy – Something which looks good on the outside, but is actually rotten inside

Namby-pamby – Of a person, weak, indecisive

Oppugn – To oppose

Peenging – To complain in a whiny voice

Pronking – A behavior of quadrupeds, particularly gazelles, in which all four legs are used to push off the ground at once

Avaunt – Go away; leave with haste

Bootless – (of a task or undertaking) ineffectual; useless

Criticasters – A minor or incompetent critc

Sciolist – A person who opines on subjects of which one has only superficial knowledge

Acrasia – a lack of self-control or the state of acting against one’s better judgement

Altiloquent – Pompous, high sounding, or pretentious in speech

Napoo – To finish; to put an end to; to kill

Yaff – to bark; yelp, to bark like a snarling dog

Honeyfuggle – To wheedle or swindle


Note: Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a fan letter.  Mixed a whole bunch of arcane words and more commentary on 2016 campaign.

Where Have All the Aliens Gone?

Contact: where have all the aliens gone?

Gone: girl; era; with wind in hair.

Hair: curly tresses around delicate fingers.

Fingers: dealing heroin.

Heroine: seduced, abducted, impregnated, by shifty aliens.

Aliens’: civilizations disappeared before contact.

Contact: lost with reality.

Reality: opposite of fantasy.

Fantasy: nothing is as it seems, but it’s great.

Great: not really, except in the recesses of mind.

Mind: your guns. Erect walls, the aliens are here!


NOTES:  The inspiration for the poem came from a recent article that suggest that we can’t find aliens because they’ve all died off.  The form came from  Samiya Bashir’s wonderful poem called, Blackbody Curve.    (Samiya, is a Portland denizen).  Current headlines, 2016 campaign provided much of the poem’s fodder.