In The Air

(Found Poem from song lyrics)


In the air tonight,

Kiss the ground goodbye,

We’ll learn to fly,

Above all the lights.


In the air tonight,

Under the tree,

When it swirls, when it whirls,

When it twirls,

This will all just be a dream.


Once upon a daydream,

Once upon a moonbeam,

I gave that love to you,

Once upon a lifetime,

Visions of the night,

In the air tonight.


Beneath the sheltering sky,

In the air tonight,

Across the desert he would fly,

In the air tonight,

Climb a high dune, pray to the moon,

In the air tonight.


Vanish in the air,

you’ll never find me

In the air. Tonight.


Notes: More experimentation with Found poem.  Collage from several songs snippets.


Song Sources:

In the air tonight, Phil Collins

Flight School, Kayne West

Mockingbird, Eminem

Once Upon a Moonbeam, The Police

Tea in Sahara With You, The Police

Wrapped Around Your Finger, The Police