I remember sleeping on the terrace on hot summer days
I remember regaling cousins and siblings with made up stories –
stories of parees, apsaras, rakhasas and devas
And of interpid adventurers visiting Shangri La or the Spice Isles through the Malacca straits.
I remember as the night advanced, arrested summer breeze finally blowing to provide relief from unrelenting summer heat
I remember drifting off to sleep and waking up to chirping birds, the rising sun
I remember waking up to damp cotton mattress and blanket.  Did I pee? Only to realize dew was the culprit. Phew!
I remember later in January, flying kites, and the sky covered in the colors of the rainbow
And when your own kite stash was gone, running the drifting kites and hoisted them up, little wings catching the winter draft again
I remember as the night fell, hanging a lantern to the kite and whole sky lit up as if with fireflies.

Notes: Day 29 of NaPoWriMo 2016.  Prompt was to write a poem with “I remember” as an anaphora.  With watching Blazers win in 1st round against the Clippers, not much time other than to do this quick work.  This prompt definitely deserves another look and more time.

Wordlist: Parees – fairies.  Apsaras – celestial nymphs.  Rakhasas – demons.  Devas – gods.


Untold tale of panchtantra

Yes it is known that I was rewarded by
My wealthy master to a Brahmin
For performing religious rites.

Yes, it is known the Brahmin
Was carrying me on his back while
Returning home.

Yes, it is true and that
while going home he encountered
three thugs who scheme
To obtain me from the Brahmin
And make a meal out of me.

Yes, it is known that the first
thug asked the Brahmin,
“why are you carrying a dog”.
Next one asked, “why are you carrying
A dead calf.” By this time,
The Brahmin was having doubts.

Finally the third one asked the Brahmin
“Why are you carrying an ass.”
By this time, my new owner, the Brahmin,
Didn’t realize the thugs’ ploy
He spooked and thought I was a ghost
and threw me by the roadside.

It is also known that thugs were
Happy that they outsmarted the Brahmin,
were getting ready to make me into
A meal.

What is perhaps not known is that
I wasn’t just a goat, I am a
shape shifter. So when the thugs
came to make a meal out of me,
I turned into a roaring lion
And chased the thugs away.

Notes: Day 21 of NaPoWriMo 2016. Prompt was to write a poem from a point of view of a minor character. I picked a panchtantra tale with a twist.  Light blogging day today, so penned a quick draft.