The rain pelts and washes the grime and dust
Wish it cleansed false expectations and despair
Ambition short circuits decency,and hearts rust
Empathy for others matters none when humans forswear
Trust someone who bends at slightest wind gust?
But then who said life is anything if not unfair?
Overlook hints of malice and put things in perspective
And say, “there I disturbed the universe” and be pensive.

Notes: Had a long, difficult and not so nice day. Instead of revising couple of other works in progress, which needed a fair amount of work, I followed the NaPoWriMo propmt. NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 8 prompt was to write a Ottava Rima. If wikipedia is to be believe Ottava Rima is sometimes written for mock-heroic works and I had a good idea in mind. But instead went a different direction and penned something fast and furious.