A Love Poem Without the Word Love

Day Four of NaPoWriMo 2015. Today’s prompt was writing a love poem without using the word love. I veered off in decidedly a much different direction. But, in some ways this can be really said to be a love poem. Well maybe.

eventually it will all turn to clay
eventually into a mass jumble of flavors -
some up, some down
some top, some bottom
some will become strange
some will exhibit charm,
eventually, some may traverse vast voids
some might accrete into stars
eventually some might coalesce -
into an intricate mosaic again
and ignite with a spark
eventually, the order will surpass its origin -
a collection of dust capable 
of contemplating its own ephemera
its own minutia,
its own vastness,
its own non-permanence,
its own permanence,
much to Buddha’s delight.