Goan Sonnet

By what fate are we intertwined together?
Roaming the streets in search of espresso,
Taking refuge in a bookstore during foul weather,
Frozen in time, under the beach palm’s shadow.

The cool arabian breeze wafting in the evening,
The ghazal singer and the cold feni,
Walking on the soft sand and the shell collecting
and the soft fragrance of naag frangipani.

Day tripping to world heritage basilica,
Evenings watching hindi romances,
Vendors scamming us in buying fake pashmina,
Waltzing the night, in warm embrace and deep glances.

“Eu te amo porque não sei outra maneira”
Kismet has weaved us together on this terra firma.

Note: Day 24 of NaPoWriMo.  Off-prompt today to continue experimenting with the Shakespearean sonnet. This one is for my Muse on her birthday.  The Portuguese line is because Goa was a Portuguese colony and we vacationed there.  The line is from Pablo Neruda, which I used google to translate from English ( “I love you because I know no other way”).