Pink Petal Power

Day 30 of NaPoWriMo.  I got 26 in 30 days.  Not too bad.

Today’s prompt is to write a poem in reverse.  You can “start with the last line and work your way up the page to the beginning.”  Or you can “take a poem you’ve already written, and flip the order of the lines and from there, edit it so the poem now works with its new order.”  I went the second route, this is a reverse poem of one of the poems, The Cherry Blossom Chorus  I wrote back in 2013 NaPoWriMo.

Pink Petal Power

New hopes, new dreams, new beginnings.
The cherry blossoms flutter and join the chorus of
grins and smiles and the din of joy
of my numerous walkers, skaters, and cyclists.

The esplanade is alive, with
yellow rays, pulsating and piercing through blue-grey skies
and awake the city from deep slumber.

Soft patter of tiny, pounding of big feet
on concrete, provide the rhythm, as
ripples of wind whisper
sweet nothings to still waters,
and join the visual symphony of pink petals.

The Emergency of Now

Day 29 of NaPoWriMo.  This is my 25th post in the month.  Today’s prompt to “write a poem in the form of a review.”  But, I think I veered off course and this is more a reflection than a review.

The Emergency of Now

Riot gear, tear gas, looting, caught in dire emergency of now
Tomorrow is today, today, now.  Where’s the fierce urgency of now?

Under night curfew, the situation’s quelled.  It is an easy pivot
to indifference and neglect, under the insouciant dormancy of now.

Orioles played in Camden Yards with full press boxes, and
empty grandstands: that’s the spectacle, the new normalcy of now.

Trapped in a dragnet of minor violations, offenses and crimes,
feeding the incarceration machine – that’s the grand larceny of now.

Even with tied legs, the caged bird trills songs of freedom,
wishing to irrigate green shoots and plough the verdancy of now.

Unequal opportunity and ’Mirage’ of trust, weigh down dreams
Flutter swiftly the wings of hope to free the leaden buoyancy of now.

The Bridge of the Gods

Day 28 of NaPoWriMo.  Prompt today was writing about bridges, real or imaginary.  Bridges as metaphors.  I had the inspiration, but not the energy to flesh out the entire idea I had in mind.  So instead, here is a straight narrative (which I don’t have the skills to do justice) that covers part of a local place-name Native American legend.

In the beginning when the world was new,
The Great Spirit Tyee Sahalepull o
traveled down the Great River
With his two sons -
Klicitat and Wy’east, and
found beautiful, bountiful land.

Brothers as they wont to do -
seeing something beautiful,
wanted to claim it for themselves.

Chief Sahale to ensure 
they won't fight 
drew the bow 
and shot two arrows:
one towards the north,
the other to the west.

Sahale proclaimed to his sons, 
“Go find the arrows. Where they lie,
That shall become your land.” 

Klicitat traveled north and became
The first grandfather of the Klicitats.
Wy’east went to the west and became
The first grandfather of the Multanomahs.

Then the great Chief Sahale raised
great mountains so the tribes won't
fight amongst themselves.
The Great River that runs deep and wide
Was sign of peace amongst the tribes.

Impressed seeing his two sons can coexist,
Chief Sahale decides to build
A stone bridge across the Great River -
The Tomanowos Ilahee -
The Bridge of the Gods.

Now the two peoples can 
cross the Great River 
and be friends.

Klicitat – Mt. Adams

Wy’east – Mt. Hood

Great River – Columbia River

Great Mountains – the Cascades

Alternate Universe

Day 27 of NaPoWriMo.  Today’s prompt is to write a hay(na)ku.  A varian of haiku – it has 3-line stanza “where the first line has one word, the second line has two words, and the third line has three words”.  I chained a few together into a hay(na)ku sonnet based on an example – 4 stanzas ending in a couplet.  Just like the example, the couplet also has 6 words, which of course, I stretched  the rules a bit by using hyphenated words.

Direction intact
In Hawkins’ multiverse.

genome can
resurrect woolly mammoth.

under Yellowstone
can destroy USA.

Committee says
What climate change?

Doomsday isn't instantaneous,
It's slo-mo train-wreck.

References (just so that I remember where I read these headlines):





Teenage Ice Cream Shop Associate

Day 26 of NaPoWriMo.  Today’s prompt is to write a “persona poem”.  Well, even when I don’t write persona, to a great extent, I draw from many different people including my own experiences and even assuming an alter-ego.  Either way.  I had couple of ideas, but it seemed to explore them would require considerable amount of time, which is short supply today.  So instead, I thought about the many teenagers you see working at all the small shops.  So, I assumed a persona of a teen ice cream shop attendee working a Saturday afternoon shift.  I’m not quite sure if this is even a poem, a prose poem or flash fiction.  But, here it goes….

Two more hours till end of shift. Then 
meet friends over coffee, maybe catch a movie,
perhaps dinner after,

Whoa! look who just walked in - its Jenny.
God. Ok, keep your cool, don't get tongue-tied,
But man, she’s sahara desert hot,

You can't expect me to keep it cool, I bet 
she can melt all the ice cream in the shop.
"Heh. What can I get you?"

Damn. Did I just hear a sizzle when she licked
the ice cream sample. "Scoop of happiness,
That's a great choice."

Scoop it slowly. Think of something to say.
"School’s fine, how about you?"
Dope, why didn't you ask

about the chem class we have together. "My plans? 
Not much, just hang out, coffee, movie, maybe dinner."
Umm, why is she interested in my plans?

"Yes, you do know everyone that’s coming." 
Did I hear this right? "You want to come along? 
Sure. No, everyone will be cool with that."

What’s happening here. Keep it cool. Keep it cool. 
"Sure I can give you a ride. Pick you up at seven. 
Fabulous." Did I say fabulous?

What just happened here. Whatever.
Do the happy dance!

Cage and Other Clerihews

Day 25 of NaPoWriMo.  Today’s prompt is a Clerihew, which a four-line biographical poem.  The first line is usually the name of the poem’s subject.  The poem usually has a  rhyme scheme AABB, line length and meter can be irregular.

For a bit silly Clarihew.

Nicholas Kim Coppola aka Nicholas Cage
Did good offbeat work and was all the rage
His acting he says is ‘Nouveau Shamanic’
but it sounds more like cashing in and shambolic.

Geeky Ones

Byron’s only legit child - Ada Lovelace
When Babbage needed software, she was on the case
She wrote first instructions that were algorithmic
Now they have proliferated on a scale logarithmic.

‘Amazing Grace’ Murray Hopper
Built the first compiler proper
Her other skill was training young people
To take chances and cause ripples.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Talks about subject of event horizon
His intellect and geekiness are inspirational
his wit and throaty laughs are simply gravitational.

Political Ones

Karl Christian Rove
Turned small Bush into grove
He was nicknamed ’turd blossom’
Whose deeds were oh so gruesome.

Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney
Not your garden variety meanie
He spews venom through forked tongues
His heart is like coal miner’s lungs.

0.9 Poems

Missed Day 24 of NaPoWriMo.  I didn’t start writing till late and finished something by midnight.  So posting it today.  Day 24 prompt was to “write a parody or satire based on a famous poem.”  I had come across Aram Saroyan‘s poetry just in last couple of months and read about how his one word poem “lighght” created controversy.  He is known for his minimalist and concrete poetry.  Though, I am drawn to haiku and minimalism (yes I even like some of Philip Glass’ work, especially the ‘qatsi’ trilogy), thought this would be a good way to write some parody or satire making light of this work.  So for this prompt, I picked Saroyan’s nine poem.  In process of writing, I read and re-read some of the poems and actually started seeing different meanings and nuances.  So this might be mix of parody and admiration.  Each of mine is preceded by Saroyan’s original in parentheses.





(I crazy).

def crazy.

(room now
door Humphrey

temple pick
fight Amitabh

I have
ma Shashi

sleep child
else Gabbar

(    pagne





(car swerves
injures 11;
driver held)

car speeds
nothing happens;
driver leaves



(wind     oil    to
 blows    out    sea)

no         trade   great   show
dishonesty deal    than    details